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WANG Xiaoguang



NameWANG Xiaoguang      Gender: Male     Date of Birth: Feb. 1982


Title: Prof./Dr./PHD Supervisor


Research Direction

(1) Design and Synthesis of Energy-related Nanomaterials

(2) Electrochemical Energy Catalysis/Transformation and Conversion

(3) Nanoporous Metallic Materials

(4) New Technologies toward Gas Energies



1. Mei Wang, Wenjuan Zhang, Fangfang Zhang, Zhonghua Zhang*, Bin Tang, Jinping Li*, and Xiaoguang Wang*, Theoretical Expectation and Experimental Implementation of In Situ Al-Doped CoS2 Nanowires on Dealloying-Derived Nanoporous Intermetallic Substrate as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for Boosting Hydrogen Production. ACS Catal. 2019, 9: 1489-1502. 

2. Wenjuan Zhang, Jian Zheng*, Xundi Gu, Bin Tang, Jinping Li*, and Xiaoguang Wang*, Facile synthesis, characterization and DFT studies of a nanostructured nickel-molybdenum-phosphorous planar electrode as an active electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction. Nanoscale 2019, 11: 9353-9361. (Back Cover)

3. Fangfang Zhang, Xundi Gu, Shuangjie Zheng, Hefeng Yuan, Jinping Li*, and Xiaoguang Wang*, Highly catalytic flexible RuO2 on carbon fiber cloth network for boosting chlorine evolution reaction. Electrochim. Acta 2019, 307: 385392.

4. Ruixue Li, Hefeng Yuan, Zizai Ma, Bin Tang, Jinping Li*, and Xiaoguang Wang*, Facile coupling of content design and efficient modulation on the activity of CNT-supported PdAgCu nanoparticle electrocatalysts: Leaching lift-up and annealing fall-off. Electrochim. Acta 2019, 293: 149-159.

5. Huijie Meng, Wenjuan Zhang, Zizai Ma, Fei Zhang, Bin Tang, Jinping Li*, and Xiaoguang Wang*, Self-Supported Ternary Ni-S-Se Nanorod Arrays as Highly Active Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Generation in Both Acidic and Basic Media: Experimental Investigation and DFT Calculation. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10: 2430-2441.

6. Mei Wang, Zizai Ma, Ruixue Li, Bin Tang, Xiao-Qing Bao, Zhonghua Zhang, and Xiaoguang Wang*, Novel Flower-like PdAu(Cu) Anchoring on a 3D rGO-CNT Sandwich-stacked Framework for Highly Efficient Methanol and Ethanol Electro-oxidation. Electrochim. Acta 2017, 227: 330-344.

7. Xiaoguang Wang, Wei Li, Dehua Xiong, Dmitri Y. Petrovykh, and Lifeng Liu*Bifunctional Nickel Phosphide Nanocatalysts Supported on Carbon Fiber Paper for Highly Efficient and Stable Overall Water Splitting. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2016, 26: 4067-4077.

8. Xiaoguang Wang, Wei Li, Dehua Xiong and Lifeng Liu*, Fast fabrication of self-supported porous nickel phosphide foam for efficient, durable oxygen evolution and overall water splitting. J. Mater .Chem. A 2016, 4: 5639-5646.

9. Xiaoguang Wang, Yury V. Kolen’ko, Xiao-Qing Bao, Kirill Kovnir and Lifeng Liu*, One-Step Synthesis of Self-Supported Nickel Phosphide Nanosheet Array Cathodes for Efficient Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Generation. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54: 8188-8192.

10. Xiaoguang Wang, Yury V. Kolen’ko and Lifeng Liu*, Direct solvothermal phosphorization of nickel foam to fabricate integrated Ni2P-nanorods/Ni electrodes for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution. Chem. Commun. 2015, 51: 6738-6741. (Back Cover)


Major Selection

Materials Science and Engineering



E-mailwangxiaog1982@163.com; wangxiaoguang@tyut.edu.cn

Phone+86 18735385327

Address: Taiyuan University of Technology, No.79 West Yingze Street, Taiyuan, 030024, China

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