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YAO ​Xiaohong

Prof. YAO Xiaohong


Basic Information:

Xiaohong Yao, Female, born in 1966 in Yuanqu, Shangxi, Ph.D, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor;


Education & Work experience:

2010 - now      School of Materials and Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology;


1996 - 12/2010   Ph.D. School of Materials and Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology.


Research Direction:

(1) Biomedical Materials;

(2) Surface Modification of metallic materials.


Surface Modification of metallic biomaterials. Recent research mainly focuses on the surface modification, degradation and biological properties of medical magnesium alloy. She has presided over and completed one National Natural Science Foundation project, three provincial and ministerial research projects, and won one second prize for scientific and technological progress in Shanxi Province and two second prizes for teaching achievements of Shanxi Provincial Government. More than 20 SCI papers have been published, and more than 5 national invention patents have been awarded. Thirteen postgraduates have been trained, two of whom have been awarded excellent thesis in Shanxi Province. Another five doctoral postgraduates have been trained.


Projects undertaken:

1. Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (51471191): Failure mechanism of surface modification of magnesium alloy under the synergistic action of mechanical damage and corrosive medium (presided over, concluded);

2. Key Technological Research Projects in Shanxi Provinc (2012032107-03 ) Development and application of Micro-arc oxidation composite ceramic coating on the surface of new magnesium alloy (presided over, concluded);

3. Shanxi Key R&D Project (201603D121019): Research and development of porours ZrO2 ceramic coating on the surface of medical magnesium alloys, (presided over, concluded).


1.    Xiaohong Yao, Xiangyu Zhang*, Haibo Wu, Linhai Tian, Yong Ma, Bin Tang, Microstructure and antibacterial properties of Cu-doped TiO2 coating on titanium by micro-arc oxidation, Applied Surface Science, 2014,292(15): 944-947

2.    Ruoyun Wang, Xiaojing He,Yuee Gao,Xiangyu Zhang,Xiaohong Yao*,Bin Tang*Antimicrobial property, cytocompatibility and corrosion resistance of Zn-doped ZrO2 /TiO2 coatings on Ti6Al4V implants,Materials Science and Engineering: C ,2017,75: 7-15

3.    Ruoyun Wang, Yonghua Song, Xiaojing He, Yuee Gao, Xiaohong Yao*, Surface characterization of ZrO2/Zr coating on Ti6Al4V and in vitro evaluation of corrosion behavior and biocompatibility, Surface Review and Letters, 2017, 24(1), 1850003

4.    Y.e. Gao, L. Zhao, X. Yao*, R. Hang, X. Zhang, B. Tang, Corrosion behavior of porous ZrO2 ceramic coating on AZ31B magnesium alloy, Surface and Coatings Technology 349 (2018) 434-441.

5.     L. Zhao, S. Chen, L. Wang, F. Gao, X. Yao*, W. Yang, Large-scale fabrication of free-standing and transparent SiC nanohole array with tailored structures, Ceramics International 44(6) (2018) 7280-7285.

6.    Yuliang Pei, Guannan Zhang, Chao Zhang, Jiameng Wang, Ruiqiang Hang, Xiaohong Yao*, Xiangyu Zhang,Corrosion resistance, anticoagulant and antibacterial properties of surface-functionalized magnesium alloys, Materials Letters, 234(2019)323-326.

7.    Dongjie Hu, Jin Zhang, Ruiyue Hang, Chunlin Li, Yonghua Sun, Xiaohong Yao, Ruiqiang Hang, Effects of solid diffusion zinc treatment on corrosion behavior, antibacterial ability, and cytocompatibility of AZ31B magnesium alloy, Materials Letters, 251(2019) 30-33.

8.    H. Liu, H. Hou, F. Gao, X. Yao, W. Yang, Tailored Fabrication of Thoroughly Mesoporous BiVO4 Nanofibers and Their Visible-Light Photocatalytic Activities, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(3) (2016) 1929-1936.


Authorized Patents:

1.  A micro-arc oxidation coating method for magnesium alloy sheets, China, ZL201210175740.X;

2.  Preparation method of TiO2 permeable layer on stainless steel surface, China, ZL201310285132.9;

3.  A titanium alloy gear with a boron-iron alloy coating on its surface and its co-infiltration method, China, ZL201310091832.

Awards for Scientific Research:

1.    One second prize for scientific and technological progress in Shanxi Province;

2.    Two second prizes for teaching achievements of Shanxi Provincial Government.


Major Selection:

(1) Materials Science and Engineering;

(2) Biomaterials.



E-mail: xhyao@tyut.edu.cn;

Phone: +86-13703510609;

Address: School of Materials and Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, No. 79 West Yingze Street, Taiyuan, P. R. China, 030024

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