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JIA Yanbing



JIA Yanbing








Major Selection

Power electrical engineering


Research Direction

Power system Operation and Control, Power system with   renewable source

[1]    Jia, Y. ; Wang, P. ; Han, X. ; Tian, J. ; Singh, C. A Fast   Contingency Screening Technique for Generation System Reliability Evaluation.   IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. 2013,28(4): 4127     - 4133.

[2]    Wei, Xuehao; Yan, Zheng; Jia, Yanbing*; Feng, Donghan. A   generation dispatch model internalizing external costs of power plants[J]. European   Transactions on Electrical Power, 2012,22(7):1027-1036.

[3]    Jia Yanbing, He Haidan, Wang Peng, Han Xiaoqing. Reliability   Evaluation of Transmission System Based on Vulnerability Analysis. 2016 IEEE   PMAPS International Conference, Oct 25-Oct 28, 2016, Beijing.

[4]    Jia Yanbing, Liu Ruiqiong, Wang Peng, Hanxiaoqing. Risk   Assessment of Cascading Failures in Power Grid Based on Complex Network   Theory. 2016 IEEE ICARCV Conference, Nov. 13-Nov. 15, 2016, Phuket, Thailand

[5]    Jia Yanbing, Wang Peng, Yan Zheng. An Improved State Selection   Technique for Power System Reliability Evaluation[C]. 2011 IEEE PES General   Meeting, July 26 - July 29, 2011, Detroit.

[6]    Jinjie Tian, Chunguang Ren, Yanbing Jia, Xiaoqing Han,Peng   Wang. Control Strategy of HESS with Dual Active Bridge Bidirectional DC/DC   Converter in DC Microgrid[C]. 2017 IEEE 12th Conference On Industrial   Electronics And Applications

[7]      Xiaoqiang Lin , Yanbing Jia, Jinjie Tian, Chunguang Ren,   Jinhao Wang , etc. Partly-isolated four-port converter based on bidirectional   full-bridge DC/DC converter[C]. ICIEA 2018.

[8]    Fu kening Jia Yanbing. Study on Wind Power Consumption   Capacity of Power Grid Considering Risk and Unit Commitment .


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