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DU Jianping

Name:杜建平 DU Jianping


Major SelectionChemical Engineering and Technology    

Research DirectionCarbon, Carbon-based Carbides and Metal Oxide Nanomaterials used for energy and environment application



1.  He Zhang, Wenqiong Shi, Na Gao, Ruihua Zhao, A. MD. Maruf, Jinping Li*Jianping Du*, and T. Asefa*, Highly Sensitive and Selective Gas-Phase Ethanolamine Sensor by Doping Sulfur into Nanostructured ZnO. Sensors and Acutators B Chemical, 2019, doi. 10.1016/j.snb.2019.126633.

2.  Tianyu Guo, Xiaorong Nie, Jianping Du*, Jinping Li* 2D feather-shaped alumina slice as efficient Pd catalyst support for oxidation reaction of the low-concentration methane. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2019, 361, 1345.

3.     Tianyu Guo, Xiaorong Nie, Jianping Du*, Jinping Li*. Enhanced properties of Pd/CeO2-nanorods modified with alkaline-earth metals for catalytic oxidation of low-concentration methane. RSC Advances, 2018, 8(67), 38641.

4.        Hui Wang, Na Zhang, Rui Liu, Ruihua Zhao, Tianyu Guo, Jinping Li*, T. Asefa* and Jianping Du*, Efficient Catalysts for Cyclohexane Dehydrogenation Synthesized by Mo-Promoted Growth of 3D Block Carbon Coupled with Mo2C. Submitted. ACS Omega 2018, 3, 10773.

5.        Jianping Du, Siyuan He, Ruihua Zhao, Shuai Chen, Tianyu Guo, Hui Wang. Facile self-assembly of SnO2 nanospheres for volatile amines gas sensing. Mater. Lett. 2017, 186C, 318.

6.        Tianyu Guo, Jianping Du, Jinting Wu, Jinping Li*. Morphology-dependent properties of CeO2 in Pd catalysts toward catalytic oxidation of methane. Journal Mater Sci, 2016, 51(24): 10917.

7.         Tianyu Guo, Jianping Du, Jinting Wu, Jinping Li*. Catalytic and kinetic investigations of doped surface-sttepted CeO2-supported Pd catalysts for removal of methane from inventilation air. Chem. Eng. J.  2016, 306, 745.

8.  Tianyu Guo, Jianping Du, Jinting Wu, Jinping Li*. Size controlling preparation,    adsorption and catalytic properties of silica microspheres. Chemical Research in Chinese Universities. 2016, 32(5), 843.

9.        Tianyu Guo, Jianping Du, Jinting Wu, Jinping Li*. Synthesis and enhanced catalytic activity of Ni-doped mesoporous (CeZr)O2 solid solution in methane oxidation. 2016, Chinese J. Chem. Eng. 2016,.25,187.

10.  Tianyu Guo, Jianping Du, Jinting Wu, Jinping Li*. Self-assembly of stair-like-microstructure CeO2 and its functions in removal of methane oxidation of methane. Applied. Catalysis A. 2016, 524, 237.

11.  Shuai Chen, Yan Qiao, Jianlin Huang, Huanli Yao, Yuanli Zhang, Yuan Li, Jianping Du*, Weibin Fan*. One-pot synthesis of mesoporous spherical SnO2@graphene for high-sensitivity formaldehyde gas sensors. RSC Advances. 2016, 6(30), 25198.

12.  Jianping Du, Jinting Wu,, Ruihua Zhao, Huanli Yao, T. Asefa, Jinping Li. Synthesis and gas-sensing performance of column-shaped zinc oxide doped with-graphene. Materials Today: Proceedings, 2016, 3, 345.

13.  Jianping Du, Xiaoxi Huang, Ruihua Zhao, Jinping Li, T. Asefa. Hierarchically self-assembled star-shaped ZnO microparticles: novel materials for electrochemical sensing of amines. Chemistry-A European Journal. 2016, 22(24), 8068.

14.  Jianping Du, Yajuan Xie, Huanli Yao, Ruihua Zhao, Jinping Li. Size-dependent gas sensing and selectivity of SnO2 quantum dots toward volatile compounds. Applied Surface Science 2015, 346, 256.

15.  Jianping Du, Ruihua Zhao, Shuai Chen, Heyan Wang, Jinping Li, Zhenping Zhu. Self-Assembly of Gridlike Zinc Oxide Lamellae for Chemical-Sensing Applications. ACS Applied interface Materials 2015, 7(10), 5870.

16.     Ruihua Zhao, JingyunChen, JianmingLiu, JieFan, Jianping Du*. Morphologies-controlling synthesis of Silicalite-1 and its adsorption property. Materials Letter 2015, 139, 494.

17.  Na Gao, Yuxuan Du, Boyang Zhang, Ruihua Zhao, Jianping Du*. Enhanced Sensing Performance of Graphene-doped Metal Oxides (ZnO and SnO2). The 3rd International Conference on 2D Materials and Technology. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. 2017.12.10-15 Oral

18.     Jianping Du*, Hui Wang, Siyuan He, Ruihua Zhao. Synthesis of Zinc Oxide/Graphene Composite for Electrochemical Detection of Amines. The 2rd Int Conference on Adv in Functional Mater. ICC Jeju Island, South Korea. 2016. 8.8-8.11 Oral

19.  Jianping Du, Huanli Yao, Siyuan He, Ruihua Zhao, Jinping Li. Synthesis and gas-sensing performance of column-shaped zinc oxide with doped-graphene. The 1rd Int Conference on Adv in Functional Mater. Stony Brook, NY, U.S.A. 2015.6.29-7.3 Oral

20.  11 authorized patents and one award.

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