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LI Ruifeng

Name: 李瑞丰 LI Ruifeng

Contact: rfli@tyut.edu.cn

Major Interest: Chemistry, Chemical engineering and technology

Research Interest:

1. Synthesis and characterization of Inorganic porous materials including zeolites

2. Catalysts and catalytic process of syngas conversion

3. Catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons in petrochemical industry using zeolite catslysts

4. Synthesis and application of solid superacid materials



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4.  Haoran Li, Chenglian Liu, Yan Wang*, Jiajun Zheng, Binbin Fan, Ruifeng Li. Synthesis, characterization and: N -hexane hydroisomerization performances of Pt supported on alkali treated ZSM-22 and ZSM-48[J]. RSC Adv., 2018, 8(51), 28909-28917. (SCI)

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6.  Meng Pan, Jiajun Zheng, Yujian Liu, Qinglan Kong, Huiping Tian, Ruifeng Li, Big world in the small space: constructing hollow zeolite microspheres using a sustainable template, Crystal Growth Design, 2017, 17(9), 4900-4907.

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18.  Jiajun Zheng*, Xiaobo Sun1, Yanze Du, Bo Qin, Yanyu Zhang, Hongyan Zhang, Meng Pan, and Ruifeng Li. Structural features of core-shell zeolite-zeolite composite and its performance for methanol conversion into gasoline and diesel. J. Mater. Res. IP address:

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