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MA Jinghong

Name: 马静红 MA Jinghong

Contact: majinghong@tyut.edu.cn

Major Selection: Chemistry, Chemical engineering   and technology   

Research Interest:

1. Synthesis and characterization of   Inorganic porous materials including zeolites and activated carbons

2. Gas adsorption and separation using   porous materials

3.   Catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons in petrochemical industry using zeolite   catslysts



1.     Yanze Du, Hui Zhang, Yuantao Yang, Jianhui Jiao, Jinghong Ma*, Ruifeng Li. Adsorption and diffusion of alkylbenzene in microspherical ZSM-5 zeolite assembled with nanocrystals, Adsorption, 2018, 24(8): 705-714

2.     Wenming Hao, Weimin Zhang, Zaibin Guo, Jinghong Ma*, Ruifeng Li. Mesoporous Beta Zeolite Catalysts for Benzylation of Naphthalene: Effect of Pore Structure and Acidity, Catalysts, 2018, 8(11): 1-13

3.     Weimin Zhang, Weixing Ming, Sufang Hu, Bo Qin, Jinghong Ma*, Ruifeng Li. A Feasible One-Step Synthesis of Hierarchical Zeolite Beta with Uniform Nanocrystals via CTAB, Materials, 2018, 11(5): 1-11

4.     Bin Xing, Jinghong Ma, Ruifeng Li*, Haijun Jiao*. Location, distribution and acidity of Al substitution in ZSM-5 with different Si/Al ratios - a periodic DFT computation, Catalysis Science & Technology, 2017, 7(23): 5694-5708

5.     Guang Dai, Jinghong Ma, Huan Xiao, Wenming Hao, Ruifeng Li*. Mesoporous EU-1 zeolite with enhanced accessibility and diffusion for bulky molecular reaction, Materials Research Bulletin, 2018, 100: 76-82

6.     Yan Wang, Jinghong Ma*, Fenfen Ren, Jun Du, Ruifeng Li. Hierarchical architectures of ZSM-5 nanocrystalline aggregates with particular catalysis for lager molecule reaction, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2017, 240: 22-30

7.     Haixia Miao, Weimin Zhang, Shufang Hu, Jinghong Ma*, Ruifeng Li. A practicable mesostructured MFI zeolitic catalyst for large molecule reactions, Catalysis Communications, 2016, 78: 68-70

8.     Bin Yang, Pengbo Zhao, Jinghong Ma* Ruifeng Li. Synthesis of hierarchical SAPO-34 nanocrystals with improved catalytic performance for methanol to olefins, Chemical Physics Letters, 2016, 665: 59-63

9.     Duo Xu, Jinghong Ma*, Aixia Song, Zhiping Liu, Ruifeng Li. Availability and interconnectivity of pores in mesostructured ZSM-5 zeolites by the adsorption and diffusion of mesitylene, Adsorption, 2016, 22(8): 1083-1090

10.  Duo Xu, Jinghong Ma*, He Zhao, Zhiping Liu, Ruifeng Li*. Adsorption and diffusion of n-heptane and toluene over mesostructured ZSM-5 zeolitic materials with acidic sites, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2016, 423: 8-16

11.  Aixia Song, Jinghong Ma*, Duo Xu, Ruifeng Li. Adsorption and Diffusion of Xylene Isomers on Mesoporous Beta Zeolite, Catalysts, 2015, 5(4): 2098-2114

12.  Yongfeng Li, Jiaojiao Su, Jinghong Ma, Feng Yu, Ruifeng Li*. A high surface area nanocrystalline alumina with tailoring texture by mixed template, Materials Letters, 2015, 153: 165-167

13.  Yongfeng Li, JiaoJiao Su, Jinghong Ma, Feng Yu, Dahai Pan, Ruifeng Li*. A super-microporous zirconia-alumina nanomaterial with high thermal stability. Materials Letters, 2014, 136: 183-186.

14.  Zhaoteng Xue, Zhonglin Li, Jinghong Ma*, Xiang Bai, Yuhong Kang, Wenming Hao, Ruifeng Li*. Effective removal of Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions by mesoporous LTA zeolite, Desalination, 2014, 341: 10-18

15.  Qiangqiang Zhang, Weixing Ming, Jinghong Ma*, Jilong Zhang, Peng Wang, Ruifeng Li*. De novo assembly of mesoporous beta zeolite with intracrystalline channels and its catalytic performance for biodiesel production, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2014, 2(23): 8712-8718

16.  Haixia Miao, Jinghong Ma*, Yan Wang, Yadong Bai, Ruifeng Li*. Effects of bimesoporous structure on surface acidity and catalysis of microspherical MFI zeolite, Catalysis Letters, 2014, 144(11): 1868-1876

17.  He Zhao, Jinghong Ma*, Qiangqiang Zhang, Zhiping Liu, Ruifeng Li*. Adsorption and diffusion of n-Heptane and Toluene over mesoporous ZSM-5 zeolites, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2014, 53(35): 13810-13819

18.  Zhiping Liu, Weiming Fan, Zhaoteng Xue, Jinghong Ma, Ruifeng Li*. Diffusion of n-alkanes in mesoporous 5A zeolites by ZLC method, Adsorption, 2013, 19(1): 201-208

19.  Zhiping Liu, Weiming Fan, Jinghong Ma*, Ruifeng Li*. Adsorption, diffusion and catalysis of mesostuctured zeolite HZSM-5, Adsorption, 2012, 18(5-6): 493-501

20.  Zhaoteng Xue, Jinghong Ma, Jiajun Zheng, Tuo Zhang, Yuhong Kang, Ruifeng Li*. Hierarchical structure and catalytic properties of a microspherical zeolite with intracrystalline mesopores, Acta Material, 2012, 60(16): 5712-5722

21.  Haixia Miao, Zhaoteng Xue, Jinghong Ma*, Yuanchun Zhang, Ruifeng Li*. Nanoscale ZSM-5 zeolite for the benzylation of aromatic hydrocarbons, Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 2012, 33(1): 183-191

22.  Zhaoteng Xue, Jinghong Ma*, Wenming Hao, Xiang Bai, Yuhong Kang, Jianhong Liu, Ruifeng Li*. Synthesis and characterization of ordered mesoporous zeolite LTA with high ion exchange ability, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012, 22(6): 2532-2538

23.  Zhaoteng Xue, Tuo Zhang, Jinghong Ma*, Haixia Miao, Weiming Fan, Yanyu Zhang, Ruifeng Li*. Accessibility and catalysis of acidic sites in hierarchical ZSM-5 prepared by silanization, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2012, 151: 271-276

24.  Zhaoteng Xue, Jinghong Ma*, Tuo Zhang, Haixia Miao, Ruifeng Li*. Synthesis of nanosized ZSM-5 zeolite with intracrystalline mesopores, Materials Letters, 2012, 68: 1-3


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