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CHEN Huaichao

CHEN Huaichao

Email: chenhch04@126.com

Major Selection: Management Science and Engineering

Research Direction: Innovation Management


[1]    Chen HuaichaoJiang Nian and Fan Jianhong. The Modeling and Analysis of System Dynamics about the Effect of Transfer Context on the Knowledge Transfer from Parent Company to Subsidiary. Management Review, 2017, 29(11): 62-71.

[2]    Chen Huaichao, Fan Jianhong. Entry Strategy, Leader Risk Preference and Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness within Chinese Multinational Company: Based on the Perspective of Control. Science of Science and Management of S. & T. 2015, 36(4): 133-142.

[3]    Chen Huaichao, Fan Jianhong, Niu Chonghuai. A Study of The Influence of Institutional Distance on Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness Within Chinese Multinational Company: The Moderating Effect of International Experience and Social Capital. Studies in Science of Science, 2014, 32(4): 593-602.https://fanyi.baidu.com/translate?aldtype=16047&query=&keyfrom=baidu&smartresult=dict&lang=auto2zh - zh/en/javascript:void(0);


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