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LI Jizu

LI Jizu

Email: lijizu@tyut.edu.cn

Major Selection: Management Science and Engineering

Research Direction: Energy Engineering Management



[1]    Li jizu, Yang anni. The Relationship between Transformational Leadership, Leadership Identity and Safety Behavior-An Empirical Research Based on Coal Mine Enterprise. Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies, 2018, 21(2): 145-151. SCI.

[2]    Li Jizu, Li Yuejiao, Yu Yue. Study on Technical Basis of Transfer Function Model and Operating Environment Optimization in Underground Coal Mines. Journal of Investigative Medicine, 2015, 63(8). SCI.

[3]    Li Jizu, ZhangYaping, Liu Xiaoguang, et al. Impact of Conflict Management Strategies on the Generation Mechanism of Miners’ Unsafe Behavior Tendency. EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 2017, 13(6): 2721-2732. SSCI.

[4]    Li JiZu, Zhang YaPing, Wang XiaoJia, et al. Relationship Research between Subjective Well-being and Unsafe Behavior of Coal Miners. EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science &Technology Education, 2017, 13(11): 7215-7221. SSCI.

[5]    Li Jizu, Li Yuejiao, Liu Xiaoguang. Development of a Universal Safety Behavior Management System for Coal Mine Workers. Iranian Journal of Public Health, 2015, 44(6): 759-771. SSCI.

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[7]    Li JiZu, Zhang ShaoHong. Application of Virtual Reality Technologies to the Simulation of Coal Miners’ Safety. Proceedings of 2009 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering. 2009. EI.

[8]    Li JiZu, Wang YaHui. Study on Psychological Relation among Job Satisfaction, Stress Level and Self-efficacy of Safety Personnel in Coal Mine. Proceedings of 2010 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Management Science, 2010: 1-4. EI.

[9]    Li JiZu. Zhang ShaoHong. Study on Hypothesized Realization of Coal Mine Workers’ Safety Behavior. Proceedings of 2009 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Intelligent Systems, 2009: 29-33. EI.

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