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YAO Xilong

YAO Xilong

Email: xilongyao@163.com

Major Selection: Management Science and Engineering

Research Direction: Energy Engineering Management


[1]   Yao Xilong, Feng Wei, Zhang Xiaoling. Measurement and Decomposition of the Industrial Green Total Factor Water Efficiency in China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018198:1144-1156. SCI/SSCI.

[2]   Yao Xi-Long, Kou Dong, Shao Shuai, et al. Can Urbanization Process and Carbon Emission Abatement Be Harmonious? New Evidence from China. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 2018, 71:70-83. SSCI.

[3]   Yan X L, Yan L, Yao X L, et al. The Marine Industrial Competitiveness of Blue Economic Regions in China. Marine Policy, 2015, 62:153-160. SSCI.

[4] Yao Xilong, Liu Y, Qu S. When Will Wind Energy Achieve Grid Parity in China? —Connecting Technological Learning and Climate Finance. Applied Energy, 2015.160(12): 697-704. SCI.

[5] Yao Xilong, Liu Yang, Yan Xiao. A Quantile Approach to Assess the Effectiveness of The Subsidy Policy for Energy-Efficient Home Appliances: Evidence from Rizhao, China. Energy Policy, 2014, 73: 512-518. SCI/SSCI.

[6] Wang W, Yu B, Yao X L, et al. Can technological Learning Significantly Reduce Industrial Air Pollutants Intensity in China—Based on a Multi-Factor Environmental Learning Curve. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018, 185: 137-147.SCI/SSCI.

[7] Wang W, Yu B, Yan X, Yao X L. Estimation of innovation’s Green Performance: A Range-Adjusted Measure Approach to Assess the Unified Efficiency of China’s Manufacturing Industry. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017, 149: 919-924. SCI/SSCI.

[8] Liu J, Liu H, Yao X L, et al. Evaluating the Sustainability Impact of Consolidation Policy in China’s Coal Mining Industry: A Data Envelopment Analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2016, 112: 2969-2976. SCI/SSCI.

[9] Gao Yantao, Yao Xilong, et al. Dynamic Effect of Environmental Tax on Export Trade: Based on DSGE Mode. Energy and Environment, 2019. SSCI.

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