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CHEN Zhihui

CHEN Zhihui

Contact: +8618634319172


Major Selection: Optical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, Electronic Science and Technology

Research Field: Micro - nano optical sensing and photon control technology


Representative Publication:

1.Zhixing Gan , Pengfei Pan , Zhihui Chen*, et al, Ultraviolet Photoluminescence of Carbon Nanospheres and Its Surface Plasmon-Induced Enhancement , Small, 14, 2018.                                                                       

2. Zhihui Chen*, et al, Enhanced Normal-Direction Excitation and Emission of Dual-Emitting Quantum Dots on a Cascaded PhotonicCrystal Surface ,Nanoscale, 6, 14708-14715 , 2014.                                                                           

3.Zhihui Chen*, et al, Efficient Broadband Absorption Based on Inverted-Pyramid Photonic Crystal Surface and Two-dimensional Randomly Patterned Metallic Reflector , Applied Energy, 172, 59 , 2016.                                                                

4.Zhihui Chen*, et al, Tunable High Reflective Bands to Improve Quantum Dot White Light-Emitting-Diodes , Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 5, 1149-1154 , 2017.

5.Zhihui Chen*, et al, Spatial Remote Luminescence Enhancement by Half-cylindrical Au Groove , Journal of Materials Chemistry C,4, 11321 2016.                                                                          


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