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HAO Yuying

HAO Yuying

Contact: +8613934204923


Major Selection: Optical Engineering

Research Field: Optoelectronic devices and optical manipulation

Representative Publication:

1. Saisai Ding,Shiqi Li,Qinjun Sun,Yukun Wu,Yifan Liu,Zhanfeng Li,Yanxia Cui,Hua Wang,Yuying Hao and Yucheng Wu, Enhanced performance of perovskite solar cells by the incorporation of the luminescent small molecule DBP: perovskite absorption spectrum
modification and interface engineering,J. Mater. Chem. C, 2019, 7, 5686-5694
2. Q. Sun, S. Zhou, X. Shi, X. Wang, L. Gao, Z. Li, Y. Hao, Efficiency Enhancement of Perovskite Solar Cells via Electrospun CuO Nanowires as Buffer Layers, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10 (2018) 11289-11296.
3.K. Han, M. L. Xie, L.P. Zhang, L. P. Yan, J. F. Wei, G. Q. Ji, Q. Luo, J. Lin, Y. Y. Hao, C.-Q Ma, Fully solution processed semi-transparent perovskite solar cells with spray-coated silver nanowires/ZnO composite top electrode, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 185 (2018) 399-405 4.S. Q. Li, F. Zhang, Qinjun Sun, Q. J. Sun, Z. F. Li, Y. X. Cui, T. Ji, W. Qin, F. R. Zhu, Y. Y. Hao, Entire mirror-like perovskite films for high-performance perovskite solar cells: The role of polar anti-solvent sec-pentyl alcohol, Organic Electronics, 57(2018) 133-139

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