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LIU Shaoding

LIU Shaoding

Contact: +8615034176356


Major Selection: Optical Engineering

Research Field: Nonlinear Effects at the Nanoscale and the Applications for Nanophotonic Devices


Representative Publication:

1. S. D. Liu*, J. L. Fan, W. J. Wang, J. D. Chen, and Z. H. Chen, Resonance Coupling between Molecular Excitons and Nonradiating Anapole Modes in Silicon Nanodisk-J-Aggregate Heterostructures, ACS Photonics 5, 1628 (2018).
2. S. Zhang, G. C. Li, Y. Chen, X. Zhu, S. D. Liu*, D. Y. Lei*, and H. Gao*, Pronounced Fano Resonance in Single Gold Split Nanodisks with 15 nm Split Gaps for Intensive Second Harmonic Generation, ACS Nano, 10  11105−11114 (2016).
3. S. D. Liu, E. S. P. Leong, G. C. Li, Y. Hou, J. Deng, J. H. Teng, H. C. Ong, and D. Y. Lei, “Polarization-Independent Multiple Fano Resonances in Plasmonic Nonamers for Multimode-Matching Enhanced Multiband Second-Harmonic Generation,” ACS Nano 10, 1442 (2016).
4. S. D. Liu*, X. Qi, W. C. Zhai, Z. H. Chen, W. J. Wang, and J. B. Han, “Polarization State-Based Refractive Index Sensing with Plasmonic Nanostructures,” Nanoscale 7, 20171 (2015).
5. S. D. Liu*, Z. Yang, R. P. Liu, and X. Y. Li, “Multiple Fano resonances in plasmonic heptamer clusters composed of split nanorings,” ACS Nano 6, 6260 (2012).


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