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YANG Lingzhen

YANG Lingzhen

Contact: +86 13754833238


Major Seleciton: Optical Engineering

Research Field: Application and Technology of Fiber Laser


Representative Publication:

1. Chong Qin, Lingzhen Yang*, Jianjun et al,Temperature sensing based on chaotic correlation fiber loop ring down system, Optical Fiber Technology, 47, 141-146, 2019
2. Jianjun Yang ; Lingzhen Yang * et al,The Stability of Chaotic Correlation Fiber Loop Ring Down System With Loss Compensation,IEEE Photonics Technology Letters,31(6):471 – 474 ,  2019
3. Yi Yang, Lingzhen Yang*, et al,g,Fiber Loop Ring Down Micro-Bend Sensor for Static Ice Pressure Detection, Optics Fiber Technology
Vol.25, No.3, 2031-2037,2017.
4. LingzhenYang*, et al
Optical sensors using chaotic correlation fiber loop ring downOptics Express, Vol.25, No.3, 2031-2037,2017.
5. Jun Zhang
Lingzhen Yang*et alA novel demodulation scheme for high precision quasi-distributed sensing system based on chaotic fiber laserSensors and Actuators A2015.233427–433


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