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YANG Yibiao

YANG Yibiao

Contact: 13503507359


Major Selection: Optical Engineering

Research Field: Nano-Optoelectronic Materials and Devices


Representative Publication:

1.YiBiao Yang*, et alDesign of a solar-blind ultraviolet band-pass filter based on frequency domain superposition.2. Superlattices and Microstructure, 122, (2018):486-491.                          2.Y.B. Yang, et al Thermal stress simulation of optimized SiC single crystal growth crucible structure. Journal of Crystal Growth, 504, (2018):31-36.                                            3.Yibiao Yang*, et alThe realization of one-dimensional (Si/SiO2)N photonic crystal filter in visible light band, Micro & Nano, 13, (2018):1677-1681.                                           4.Xiaodan Zhao, Yibiao Yang*, et al Study of the converter based on photonic crystals filters and quantum dots for solar blind ultraviolet imaging system, Optical Engineering, 57(11), (2018):117106.                                                      5.Xiaodan Zhao, Yibiao Yang*, et al Tunable dual-channel filter based on the photonic crystal with air defects, Applied Optics, 56(19), (2017):5463-5469.


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