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Neural Information Processing at Different Scale and Brain-inspired Computing

Time: 14.30 p.m., March 29th, Friday

Venue: Meeting Room, 1st floor of north building, College of Information and Computer

Speaker: Huang Xuhui, associate researcher at Research Center for Brain-inspired Intelligence, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Brain science and brain-inspired intelligence are crucial frontier science. Relevant research results can help promote our understanding of humans, improve health level and develop new generation of artificial intelligence technology. This report will explain the information processing of the brain at different scales and the function of designing brain-inspired intelligent system from two aspects: brain network analysis at the macro level and the learning of spiking neuron networks at the micro level. The report will specify brain data analysis based on FMRI to explore the basic principles of interaction between brain networks at the macro level and spiking neuron networks learning, memory and pattern recognition based on synaptic plasticity.

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