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Taiyuan University of Technology Holds 2018 Graduation Artwork Exhibition and Graduation Ceremony for the First Batch of Overseas Students from the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris

On the morning of the 29th of May, Taiyuan University of Technology (TUYT) held the 2018 graduation artwork exhibition in the art studio at the College of Art. The opening ceremony was attended by university leaders along with directors and teachers from the Graduate School, the College of International Education Exchange, the Scientific Research Institution, the College of Foreign Languages and the College of Art.


Vice-president Shu Xuefeng said that cultural and creative industry is booming and that art is playing an increasingly important role in Shanxi’s economic transformation, incorporating cultural tourism. He praised the magnificent art on display and expressed his expectation of further contribution to China’s industry of culture.


In this graduation season, over 350 artworks were exhibited, designed by more than 300 students majoring in painting, environmental design, visual communication design, digital media art, and arts and crafts from the departments of art, design, digital media and cultural heritage. These works used various styles, both classical and modern, and included regional handicrafts. Various themes were on display, including the spirit of tradition, the temporary age, regional customs and public life. The design and execution of every part of the exhibition clearly displayed the students' artistic intuition, skill, and practice.

The exhibition also displayed the works of overseas students from the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, who came to study Chinese art. These students spent three months at the College of Art at TYUT learning about Chinese painting, calligraphy, ceramics and lacquering.

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