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TYUT Students Won Championship of Autonomous Humanoid Robots’ Martial Arts in 2019 China Robot Competition

2019/09/05 10:42:23

The 21st China Robot Competition, one of the most influential robotic competitions with highest technological level in China, was held at the sports center of Chuangzhi New District, Jimo District, Qingdao City. The competition was hosted by Chinese Association of Automation and Jimo District People’s Government in Qingdao City. Over 3800 students from 1109 teams of 207 universities including Tsinghua and Zhejiang University have participated in the competition. Students from TYUT won the championship of the martial arts of autonomous intelligent humanoid robot.

The robot team of TYUT was established in 2007. During the 12 years, over 30000 students have benefited from the scientific and technological innovation practices, thousands of which have become the core members of the team. The platform has provided students a great of opportunities to both further their education home and abroad, and to start their career in various industries and research academies.



Editor: Weiwei Wang

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