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TYUT International Students Gala Night

2019/12/30 15:23:51

International Students Gala Night this year showcased a magnificent cultural feast of both traditional and modern performances involving over 100 enthusiastic performers from 20 countries. The Gala was divided into four chapters: Silk Road, Mutual Learning, Openness and Inclusiveness, One World and One Dream. The splendid show presented a wonderful evening for more than 800 audience at Tongze Huitang of Huyu campus.

One of the highlights was the “Themed Speech” presented for the first time on the stage. In the form of speech and vlog, students from China, Afghanistan and Libya who achieved excellent results in social practices and technological competitions shared their own stories of study, life and development in TYUT.

Civilizations are enriched by exchanges and mutual learning. The Gala Night demonstrated the spirit of TYUT.



From College of International Education

Editor: Weiwei Wang

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