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College of Data Science
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College of Big Data

The College of Big Data of Taiyuan University of Technology was built in November 2016. At present, it has the Department of data science and technology, the Department of information and large data engineering, large data training and experimental center,data research institute of social governance, there are 1 undergraduate specialty,one master programme of data science and technology, one doctoral programme of data science and technology. The College plans to add two undergraduates programs, including data science and large data technology.

The College of Big Data has 18 professors and associate professors (including distinguished Visiting Professor of the 100-talent programme in Shanxin province). It has taken more than 20 national natural science foundation projects,and 40 provincial research projects, and the research funds have reached more than 20 million. It published two academic papers and two foreign works. Building  "the Taiyuan University of Technology Cloud Computing Center" and "high-resolution earth observation system of  Shanxi data and application center", it has more than one million computing power, and its storage capacity exceeds the cloud computing platform in 2PB. Moreover, it is the vice chairman of the association of China's large data industry application, and leads the "large data direction of professional master education alliance", and "Shanxi Province space information technology industry alliance".

The College which has a close relation with the national strategy and meets the needs of emerging industries in Shanxi, strives to cultivate versatile talents with a larger data thinking and innovation. The college creates personnel training modes which have specialized characteristics,including cooperation between school and enterprise, and projects education. It jointly build a platform,having cooperation between school and enterprise, and cultivates students cooperatively with Shanxi transformation of comprehensive reform demonstration area, Beijing University of large data research institute, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., tide group, national research think tank, Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanxi Unicom, and so on. The college attaches great importance to the internationalized talents cultivation, and actively promote the teaching and scientific research with the world.And it connect with many prestigious universities in the United States, Britain, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and a large number of students and teachers visit overseas each year.

Software Engineering (Researching the Information and Big Data Engineering)

Cultivation Goals:The aims of the major are to train versatile talents who develop in an all-round way-normally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically, have basic knowledge and application ability of Software Engineering( researching the Information and Big Data Engineering), have better scientific quality,professional ethics and social responsibility, develop and implement the engineering projects related to computer hardware and software and Big Data mining projects,such as the system integration and construction of the Big Data, and become analysts, engineers and systems architects of the Big Data who are responsible for the construction, management,running, and maintenance of the information system in government departments and corporations enterprises.

Cultivation Requirements:Students should establish a correct outlook on life and values, understand the party and the government's major principles, policies, laws and regulations, and master basic knowledge of mathematics, computer, large data technology, large data analysis, large data security and others, Moreover, they should integrate theory with practice, are proficient in using all sorts of software, and have the capacity of implementing engineering projects of the Big Data in different fields with the knowledge of the construction of the Big Data System, the modeling and analysis of the Big Data and other acquired knowledge. In addition, acquiring international perspectives, innovation capacity and the ability of achieve the latest news and knowledge with modern information technology, having fine scientific, cultural and social literacy, social responsibility,and engineering ethics, having leadership,management and organizational skills,and team spirit, having the capacity of lifelong learning to adapt to the society, having the will and the capacity to serve the society, and being more employable in the Big Data and other fields are of the essence.

Major Courses: advanced mathematics, linear algebra, probability theory and statistics, high-level language programming, Java programming, Python, computer composition principle and application, Linux operating system, computer network, database principle and application, non-relational database, large data Technology, large data mining and analysis, digital image processing, machine learning, data visualization, large data security, information retrieval introduction, depth learning, high performance computing, intelligent computing, large data applications.

Main Practice Teaching Links:military training, teaching practice, social practice, self-practice, comprehensive practice, curriculum experiment, curriculum training, innovation and entrepreneurship, all kinds of competitions, production practice, graduation practice, graduation design (thesis) and so on.

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Engineering.

Study Duration: four years.


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