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College of Marxism
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College of Marxism

College of Marxism is founded in July 2015, based on its former ideological and political theory teaching and research department.

After the foundation, adhering the motto of “cultivate people with morality, defend nation with socialism, perfect specialties and pursue excellence”, all members of the college focus on the goal of making the College of Marxism a demonstrative one in Shanxi province.

The Marxist theory is a primary discipline in the College of Marxism and it covers six sub-disciplines, with an undergraduate major of ideological and political education.

Among 79 strong faculty, 72 are full-time teachers and researchers, including 9 professors and 28 associate professors, 25 of them are doctors, 2 Ph.D. students, 41 master tutors and 7 visiting professor home and abroad. Currently, the number of full-time undergraduate student is 161, while that of graduate students is 154.There is 1 “Talent in New Century” of the Ministry of Education, 1 “Shanxi famous teacher”, 2 “Shanxi 131 academic leaders”, 1“Shanxi academic leader” and 1"four batches " talent in Shanxi propaganda culture system.

College has stressed the characteristics of training program and improved the quality to establish a fundamental, innovative teaching model. In recent years, college teachers have carried out a number of key teaching reform projects in Shanxi Province. "Ideological and political theory of comprehensive practice" is the first program in our province, initially formed the "335" practice teaching model which achieved remarkable results in comprehensive practice teaching reform. "Introduction to the basic principles of Marxism" is a boutique resource sharing class in the Shanxi Province. Many teachers have won the award for "Shanxi young teachers’ basic skills competition " and the first prize for Shanxi Province "wonderful lesson".2 of them has won the honor of annual impact people of the national ideological and political theory and 1 of them won the honor of the national ideological and political theory teaching expert. All teachers in the college has classified in the top 80% in the annual student evaluation.

College has accurately grasped connotation and characteristics of the discipline of Marxist theory and constantly improves the academic strength of college by broadening their strong team. Recent years, teachers have presided over 10 projects in the National social science Fund, National Soft Science Project, humanities and social science project in the Ministry of Education, provincial scientific research projects and over 100 horizontal projects. They have published more than 100 papers on core journals domestically and internationally such as "People's Daily", "Guangming Daily", "China's ideological and educational guide", "contemporary world and socialism", "dialectics of nature", "scientific socialism", "scientific and technological progress and countermeasures" etc. And some of these papers have been reprinted on "Social Science Abstracts" and "Xinhua News Digest". Besides, they published more than 30 academic monographs. Many of these outstanding teachers have been awarded the first and second prize of the "outstanding achievements in social science in Shanxi Province".

Focusing on improving the comprehensive quality of students and their employment competitiveness, the college has provided extensive academic and technological activities, such as campus culture, social practice, volunteer service and other activities. Many students have won the national scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, and state grants. The extracurricular academic science and technology competition --"Challenge Cup" , "Energy-saving Emission Reduction" and “For Youth”, among other competitive activities and various forms of debate, lectures have offered a wonderful platform for the growth of college students.

Ideological and Political Education

Cultivation Goals: To cultivate senior compound elite who have receive professional training with Marxist theoretical literacy and have innovative spirit and practical ability to adapt to needs of constructing socialism with Chinese characteristics and comprehensive deepening of the reform; master the ability to engage in party affairs, publicity, secretarial, and administrative work in enterprises, institutions and government; master the ability to occupy teaching ,research and administrative work in universities.

Cultivation Requirements:Master the basic theory and knowledge of ideological and political education; understand ideological and political education subject theory and development trends domestically and internationally; familiar with methods and skills in ideological and political education; master the ability of office automation, foreign language and writing skills; competent to engage in ideological and political education with comprehensive quality of solid foundation and wide background knowledge.

Major Courses:principles of politics, sociology, jurimetrics, ethics, management, history of Chinese political thought, general logic, Marxist philosophy, organizational behavior, history of ideological and political education of the Communist Party of China, principles and ideas of ideological and political education , political education psychology, ideological and political education methodology, comparative study of Chinese and foreign ideological and political education, leadership science theory and practice, human resources development and management, public relations theory and practice.

Main Practice Teaching Links:military training, cognition practice, social investigation, community volunteer service, ideological and political work forum, political work practice (school counselor assistant), experimental teaching, graduation field work, graduation design (thesis) etc.

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Law

Study Duration: four years.


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